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My first agency was Felipa, a creative studio focused mainly on creative advertising solutions, I started as an intern and worked there about 3 years. While I was studying Graphic Design I started working on advertising. Later, I worked on Exitus Capital, a finance company as a in house graphic designer and content creator. After that I was working at (anónimo) as an Art Director Jr. one of the best creativity agencies, currently in Mexico after I get an internship in 360i as an Art Director Intern in Content Lab.

Some of the brands I work with in (anónimo):                              Some of the brands I work with on 360i:

Absolut                                                                                              Skinny Pop 

Ballantines                                                                                        United Airlines

Tic tac                                                                                                OREO

Grupo Califa (Gourmet Tacos)                                                         Truly


Nuestro Hogar (real estate)

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